Ways to Participate
Almost all the ways of participating outlined below entail walking at the drip rate that can be heard on this site. You will find that walking at this rate requires concentration and a different kind of attention from what you may be accustomed to. It may even take some practice. I invite your participation in the ways outlined below, which proceed from the smallest private thought to the largest, most public display.

Wherever you are, walk at the drip rate you hear on this site. It may be enough that you walk across your room, or perhaps you will want to walk much farther. While walking, think of those suffering in the violent conflicts that abound in the world today. Let us know the effect of this simple activity on your life.

Walking individually in a public place
As you are going about your daily life, perhaps hurrying down a busy street, for a moment, break your stride; remember the drip rate you heard on this site, and slow to walk at that rate. Maybe someone will see you and wonder. Or maybe someone, aware of this project, will slow to the same pace. Maybe, at some point, large numbers of people will join to express their grave concern. Please download Handout to give to people who may have questions about what you are doing.

Group activities
Contact your friends and let them know that you will be walking at the drip rate at a particular time and place. Ask them to join you in a general locale – it might be a park or public square, or a busy city block. Invite them to walk silently at the drip rate on this site beginning at a pre-determined time for a pre-determined number of minutes, wherever they are.

Share your experiences in the comments section of this website or as a a comment on the blog.